Conscious Sedation

Are you feeling Anxious?

Pain-free, stress-free dentistry from leading expert Dr Martin Whelan.
The fear of the dentist affects many people in varying ways. But why suffer in silence when you can come down to Greenleaves Dental Practice and have our expert Dr Martin Whelan help. Modern dentistry has made it possible for you to enjoy cosmetic enhancements and a healthy oral condition in a way that resonates with you.

We has 20 Years of experience in managing patients that may be anxious of seeing a dentist.

We at Greenleaves Dental Practice also understand that not everyone is the same and people react to or fear different aspects of dentistry. It is our aim to find out exactly what you are anxious of and use the appropriate techniques to help eliminate these fears.

A few reasons for dental phobia:

  • Needles and injections
  • The dentist’s drill
  • Fear of choking
  • Fear of embarrassment
  • Fear of pain
  • Feeling of vulnerability
  • Fear of the diagnosis
  • Fear of the treatment
  • The smell of a dental practice
  • Bad past experience

If you are someone who is suffering from dental phobia, let us help you to overcome your anxieties.


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