Great Special Offers

Why not start the new year without any wrinkles or less of them with a great special offer .

Antiwrinkle treatment starting from £90 per area or £220 for three to four areas including free top up .

Restylane treatments starting from £220 per course.

Bleaching starting from £195 .

The perfect Peel £350 for an amazing deep peel transforming your skin .

Hygiene Sessions from £49 for 30 min. with our top class advanced trained hygienists through direct access .

Vampire facials from £600 for the whole face ,back of hands and neck WOW !!!!

Facial threading from £350 ( wimpole street treatments at affordable prices .


A funny day

Wednesday was really weird day ,it was raining like mad and I just arrived at work and I had loads of packets in the car.

So what I did was I put the cashup box on top of my car while trying to get all the packets out and then yup you guessed it I left it there only to remember about six hours later where I left it.
I couldn’t believe it was still there at lunch time.

Potters bar people you guys were very honest thank you for not nicking my cashbox.

Bob A Builder (Zara’s version)

Last night I was driving with my 2 year old Zara and my daughter Kiara, and Kiara was saying there is something wrong with my printer, I said isn’t mummy fixing it, and there and then Zara says Bob a Builder can we fix it, anyway absolutely precious.

I must admit I will try and blog a bit more and keep you up to date.

A Brand New Day (aka Wallace and gromit)

Well people I have just bought the hairdressors next door .Its a wonderful salon filled with wonderful staff.
I will be refurbing the salon.There is amazing staff in there offering amazing deals like 15 quid for a cut not bad hey?
Please support our new venture as we continue to grow and expand along the high street.

We are open this Saturday

I have a new dentist starting on Saturday: her name is Romana Jong.

She will be working on alternative Saturdays and Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

She is a dentist from holland and specialises in cosmetic dentistry but does general dentistry as well. I think she will be a wonderful addition to the practice.

Please remember if you have any emergencies, ring either the practice on 01707 654328 or my mobile on 07919 251361.


This is my first time blogging. Trying to be “with it”, a place where I can scribble down my thoughts. I may as well join the ever increasing ways of communicating and connecting with people. Mmmm well here goes!!!!

I had a great run with my son yesterday Joshua; he is eleven. Not a pretty site panting and sweating down Broxbourne’s high street I know, but it was great air was clean and fresh. Jogged down to Sainsbury’s for my favourite hot chocolate drink MILO with marshmallows.

Alright we had to walk back, still a bit unfit.

Having a great day this morning, my denture fit went well, the patient was happy and it looked great.

Weather’s picking up a bit hey! Not bad nice and sunny!!

I’m going to scotland this weekend I cant wait. Long drive mmmmmmmmm I’m sure it will be worth it ?

A brand new day

You’ve found your way to my blog page. Here I’ll be keeping you up to date on what’s happening at Greenleaves Dental Practice, or anything else that I think might be useful to you.