About us

I would like to take this wonderful opportunity to introduce myself Dr. Martin Whelan: implantologist ,general dentist , cosmetic consultant.

I married my lovely wife Naan Khongsup 1 year ago and have four beautiful children between us  , Joshua who is 18, Kiara who is 16 and Zara who is 9 and Morgan who is 12 . After working as an associate in Broxbourne I became director and principle of Greenleaves Dental Practice since 2008.


image1Martin Whelan

“Big heart, big smile”  He enjoys cosmetic dentistry including smile makeovers and implants and facial rejuvenation (botox and fillers ).I now provide anti – sweating treatment ,PDO thread facelifts and even PRP therapy (vampire facelift ).Chemical peels and derma rollers are also on offer .

I can provide jaw profiling as well as nasoplastie using botox and fillers .I also have had a lot of success in providing ant migraine therapy using botox too.