This is my first time blogging. Trying to be “with it”, a place where I can scribble down my thoughts. I may as well join the ever increasing ways of communicating and connecting with people. Mmmm well here goes!!!!

I had a great run with my son yesterday Joshua; he is eleven. Not a pretty site panting and sweating down Broxbourne’s high street I know, but it was great air was clean and fresh. Jogged down to Sainsbury’s for my favourite hot chocolate drink MILO with marshmallows.

Alright we had to walk back, still a bit unfit.

Having a great day this morning, my denture fit went well, the patient was happy and it looked great.

Weather’s picking up a bit hey! Not bad nice and sunny!!

I’m going to scotland this weekend I cant wait. Long drive mmmmmmmmm I’m sure it will be worth it ?

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